Mipham Sungbum


Volumes: 27
Versions: W23468

Jamgon Mipam Gyatso (1846-1912) revived Nyingma philosophic thinking. While sympathetic to the non-sectarian movement, he revitalized the Nyingma wisdom tradition. Because of his great influence, no blockprint edition of his works was ever gathered together in Tibet. The majority of his writings were arranged in two series and printed in Derge. Important works were carved on to blocks at Kathog, Dzongsar, Lakar, Dzogchen, etc. Khyentse Rinpoche had brought together a set of all of the blockprints and published them in Bhutan. Some of Mipam's writings not included in Khyentse Rinpoche's edition will be included on a later external hard drive.